Working Together for International Development

Management of national and international projects with public and private financing to help our partners achieve their expansion and growth goals.


We turn opportunities into tangible realities

APDI is an entity specialized in national and international development. It has a team of multidisciplinary professionals with extensive experience in the preparation, procurement and management of projects with public and private funding, who provide expert advice, design impactful proposals and meticulous administrative management to turn our partners’ opportunities into tangible realities.

Collaboration and Integration

Social Values & Multiculturalism

Resilience and Adaptability

Focus on Sustainability

Innovation and Digitalization

15 Years of Experience


How can we help you?

Project Development and Management

Consulting (National & International Development)

Mobility Support Plans (Erasmus+ and Others)

Digitalization Services (Platforms, Web Design...)

Training Courses

Justification and Auditing

Legal and Financial Advice

Sociocultural Animation

Certificados de Calidad Internacional

ISO 27001:2013

ISO 27001:2013

UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015


Areas Of Activity

At APDI Group, we specialise in nine key sectors of activity, but our approach is not only sectorial; we work transversally to create effective synergies between the different areas, thus boosting results and maximising the impact of our services.

We are characterised by our ability to address market challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth and development for our partners.


Experts with extensive experience in each sector

Our team, made up of experts with extensive experience in each sector, is committed to integrating knowledge and skills to offer holistic solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client. We are characterized by our ability to address market challenges and turn them into growth and development opportunities for our partners.


Our action is aimed at the implementation and development of projects that seek to achieve personal, professional and social improvement of those territories and partners with whom we are involved.

We manage the procurement of the necessary funding, specializing in European Union funds.


We provide educational and training programs tailored to the specific needs of your team and aligned with your organization’s strategic objectives.

From technical skills to leadership competencies and personal development, our training offerings are designed to empower talent and maximize the performance of your team at all levels.


We open the doors to international mobility with a personalised service. 

We take care of everything related to your mobility, from the search of entities where to do an internship (professional training, job shadowing, exchanges), accommodation, to the follow-up and personalised advice during the whole experience.


What we have done so far


ARTTINO - Traditional Industry, New Opportunity

This project aims to enhance the value of traditional ceramic craftsmanship by promoting vocational training, Spanish art schools and occupational training. In addition, it is instructed to encourage work with this specialization and maintain the European cultural heritage, as in the case of the company of Fajalauza.


HOME ECOLOGY - Innovative and Home Ecology

This project aims to raise awareness among young people about innovative pro-ecological solutions from various European countries, focusing on the use of common herbs in cooking, cosmetics and medicine. It highlights the benefits and efficiency of growing fresh herbs, their multiple uses in everyday life and their positive effects on health. 


IDISI - Integration of Diversity and Social Inclusion

The IDISI project aims to improve the competencies of trainers of trainers and educators who support adult learners, especially the most disadvantaged and low-skilled. It seeks to promote diversity and social inclusion through specialized trainings and improve digital competencies among trainers. 


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We value meaningful connections and welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you on your business goals.

Whether you’re seeking strategic advice, market insights, or project support, our expert team is here to assist. Let’s navigate the global landscape together and unlock new opportunities for your business. 

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